Single Toggle Grease Type Crusher

Riddhi Siddhi Crusher India Pvt. Ltd. manufacture Single Toggle Jaw Crusher. The manufacturing unit are to be constructed to meet customer operational demand and utilize. Being light weight , both transportation and tassemblage are easily made.


The body is made from tested M.S. Plates. It is fabricated with horizontal and vertica l ribs for strength and sturdiness and the body is annealed & stress relieved by heat treatment process to reduce the chance of the body getting cracked.

Whatever your crushing needs - from hard and abrasive rock to various recycling materials - you'll find the optimum solution with the Primary Jaw Crushers.

Swing Jaw

The swing Jaw is designed & fabricated with high compressive strength and it is annealed & stress relieved by heat treatment process and then it is precision machined for smooth crushing stroke Swing Jaw.

Crusher body are fully stress relived after fabrication and machining. The swing Jaw maintaining structural integrity. Eccentric shaft are tempering & support the heavy crushing actions. Bearing are completely protected by dust.